Reasons To Choose Hemp Clothing

Great clothes make people feel better, but these days the choices we make can influence the whole planet for good or for bad. Many of those who choose cotton as a natural fiber, as well as one that makes comfortable, breathing, and durable garments, could choose hemp clothing instead. This simple switch could reduce the pesticide load on our environment exponentially.

Many people choose cotton clothing for its comfort, natural nature, and the fact that it’s absorbent and it ‘breathes’. However, cotton is a delicate crop that requires particular weather conditions, a lot of fertilizer (mostly chemical unless you choose organic), and a lot of water. It also requires massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides during its cultivation. In fact, cotton growers use about 50% of all the pesticides manufactured and sold in the world.

Especially in the developing countries of India, Africa, and South America, the health of the workers who labor in agriculture matters little. Many of the pesticides used on cotton are among the most toxic known, with documented health risks. The World Health Organization is trying to raise awareness of this problem, but many poor laborers are illiterate. They also may have little choice of employment and may not be able to opt for a safer work environment.

In contrast, hemp is a crop that requires virtually no pesticides. In fact, the plant itself is bug repellent. This plant is in the same family as marijuana, but there is almost no hallucinogen component in its make-up. In a semi truckload, there is said to be about enough of the drug to make one joint. There has been great prejudice against this valuable seed, but the time has come to bring it into prominence.

Hemp is naturally insecticidal. It grows densely so it crowds out weeds and needs no herbicides to thrive. Farmers who grow hemp don’t have to ride around in great clouds of toxic chemicals, the use of which has made farming one of the most unhealthy professions. Farmers can protect the health of themselves and their families while saving money they have been spending on chemicals.

Hemp also enriches the soil it grows in. This negates the need for expensive chemical nitrogen, since it produces the natural form of this necessary plant food in its roots. Only a moderate amount of fertilizer is needed; in fact, this crop is often used as a rotation for fields where corn or another soil-depleting plant has been raised.

Hempseed can grow where cotton won’t since it is both frost and drought-resistant. It actually grows well in all 50 American states, which differ widely in climate and soil type. This miracle plant should be the main crop grown, since it gives so much and costs so little in terms of both money and harm to the environment. By looking for hemp products (and there are many), you can help promote this valuable crop.

It is not only used for textiles. Plastics, fuel, healthy seed and oil for human consumption, animal feed, and paint are among the things that this valuable plant gives us. Look for items made from this renewable resource and help it spread throughout the globe.

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