WWE- The Beginning

There are lot of wrestling fans that you can find in and around the world but there are very few of them who actually know how it started. The beginning marks way back in 1925 when Roderick McMahon began promoting boxing matches in the city of New York. He came to acknowledge Joseph Mondt, who was a professional wrestler and was making effort to take sports to another level. He made out new moves, found wrestlers that wanted to join him and started making wrestling a more viewable sport.

According to recent statistics the WWE Corporation is the largest wrestling promotion in the world, which holds more than three hundred events in a year. It has more around 40 million fans around the world and is viewed in almost 150 countries. It has its headquarters at Connecticut and its offices in many major countries around the world.

Just as in other professional wrestling promotions, the shows performed by the wrestlers of WWE are not legitimate but merely for entertainment. It has storyline, it is scripted and the matches held are choreographed, it includes moves and stunts that can be harmful for the wrestlers if not performed properly.

The WWE wrestling company has its history way back from 1950 when it was started by Vincent McMahon and Mondt, which is now handled by him and his wife Linda McMahon. WWE is said to be the inheritance of the McMahon family so even his son, Shane McMahon has joined the corporation. Majority of the number of shares of WWE is under the McMahons.

WWE is considered to be one of the biggest organisations in the world of multimedia and entertainment. McMahons also share a major part of WWE economic interest. Having the highest number of shares of WWE, McMahons manage the company accordingly on their own.

The WWE has its headquarters at Connecticut. It has also opened other branches in various other cities all over the world such as London, Toronto, New York, etc. This makes it relevant that the WWE franchise does not only restrict itself to a part of the world. It has spread its wings to several countries across the world. It is considered to be a phenomenon more than a sport or an event. Individuals tend to fall for it once they watch it. Even you can get addicted to it if you watch it once and make sure you watch all the matches and events that happen in WWE.

After few years it was the company’s name was again changed to World wrestling federation or the WWF and it came completely under the control of Vincent J McMahon. The following year his son brought in the Titan Sports and along with it he also bought Capitol Sports and its assets which included WWF too. Vincent j McMahon wanted to keep focusing the WWF towards the north-eastern region, his son wanted to do something else and he started expanding WWF.

The WWE Corporation also launched their online streaming network where all the matches were documented and kept for viewers to watch them; it also allowed live streaming for matches held. They were able to get a lot of subscribers from this and it was the largest ever subscription. WWE uses several terms for defining there products such as the fans are termed as WWE Universe, the male wrestlers are termed as the WWE superstars and the female Wrestlers are known as the WWE Divas.

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