Importance Of Aviation Warning Beacon

Aircraft warning lights are mainly attached to tall structures so as to avoid any collision that may arise due to obstruction by such structures. They mainly produce light of high intensity. They are mainly used during the night though they can help during the day too. Aviation warning beacon help pilots in determining the best way to follow because they help in warning for any obstructions that may be on the way.

All repairs and maintenance cost of incandescent bulbs are to be met by the owner of structure into which it has been fitted. Those that help in defining the obstructions are mainly of high to medium light intensities. For efficiency and for security purposes they must be of required brightness to be clear from many miles away.

LED bulbs have replaced the incandescent types that were initially common in the past. They were replaced with the intention of avoiding many demerits that they caused. The recently developed ones are more efficient in terms of quality and durability. LED type helps in that they work for longer period of time without the need of replacement.

Many merits that come or brought about by LED type make it the best choice of many people. The other reason is the durability. They can serve for longer period of time without the need of replacement. They assist in maintenance cost reduction. They produce quality illumination that is clearly visible to pilots. This means that they are able to communicate efficiently. They give the pilot the confidence he deserves during the flight. They are designed in such a way that they consume less energy which makes them very efficient.

Red lights are commonly found in urban places because it is very easy for pilots to see them. While white xenon flashers are mainly used during the daytime. It has been advised that the white strobes ought not to be used in densely populated areas simply because they have been proven to merge with others below a condition which makes it difficult for the pilot to know what is going on below, imperiling his life and to that of passengers on board.

It is not friendly to residents around due to its bad effects to them. On the other hand the white strobes are good consumers of energy compared to others. On the plane there are also warning lights that helps in indicating its presence. These types include white flashing beacons, wingtip probes, wingtip and landing lights. Landing ones communicate that one is either landing or taking off.

Navigation lights in both the aircrafts and marine vessels are intended to give corresponding information and helps in producing very important information. To communicate effectively the red ones are mainly located on left wing tip. On the other hand, which is the right one; there is the location of green type at the tip to pass information to the intended destination.

During the flight, the navigation indicators ought to be on, whether, it is day time or night time. Before restarting the beacon should be put on to indicate that the engine is almost starting. Landing ones are put off once a pilot is flying at an altitude above 10000feets.

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