Acupuncture Without Needles And Other Unconventional Methods

There are so many things the body does simultaneously that it overwhelms us to even think about it. There are also a multiple ways to influence how well our body works and how it behaves. Discussions on this topic can be infinite.

You have a higher potential of control over your body than you think. Flotation tanks are used to relieve stress, ice baths can be used to turbo charge fat loss, and acupuncture without needless is an easy way for the common man to directly stimulate pressure points he wants. Some simple examples are worth discussing here.

Diet is a good starting point, particularly the body fat set point. Most people do not know that the body decides the level of fat it stores and it will fight to maintain that. This is why the majority of people who go on caloric restriction diets inevitably regain all the weight they initially lose.

There is a remedy though. The main influencer of this phenomenon is the hormone leptin. Leptin is a master hormone that controls the metabolism. In spite efforts of the medical community to control the insulin levels of diabetic patients, little can be done if the patient is resistant to leptin. Insulin being a hormone of metabolism also answers to leptin.

The good news is that resetting leptin sensitivity is quite simple, consuming thirty grams of protein along with high amounts of saturated fat should be enough to do the trick. Eggs, butter, coconut oil, and beef are just some foodstuffs that have proven to be effective. The higher the quality of the food, the better their effect will be.

Within six weeks of making this adjustment effects like, rapid fat loss, more energy, and increased libido will be observed. Once these changes are observed, a high fat, low carbohydrate diet rich in resistant starch, fermented vegetables, and omega 3 fatty acids produce best results. This has also proven to be a useful strategy in maintaining health.

Our control over our body does not end with diet. There are also skills we can develop that seem very implausible. Learning to stimulate acupressure points by yourself without needles using a special apparatus designed to penetrate deep into skin is a basic one. Other skills include training your stress response with heart rate variability so that you consciously know how to stop being nervous, and focus brain training to give yourself the ability to focus on anything you want at will.

Heart rate variability refers to the timing of the individual beats of out hearts. The more the interval of these beats differ, the healthier you are. One can now buy sensors that work with your smartphone to measure this and most applications can point out whether you are stressed. Though this you get real time feedback so you end up learning how to stop stress the second it shows up.

Focus brain training has its parallels with heart rate variability training. The prefrontal cortex of your brain is stuck with an electrode that has a wire that goes into a laptop where on the monitor you see a plane, when focused it moves forward, if not it goes in reverse. Yet another simple way to take what was once believed as and improbable and implausible level of control and giving it to the common man for him to wield.

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