Businesses Use Atlanta Interactive Marketing To Reach Most Likely Customers

Traditional direct marketing has evolved into interactive direct marketing. By using it an advertiser can react to how repeat customers responded to the old ads. In atlanta interactive marketing is trigger based and beneficial.

Like many new concepts it has more than one name. It can be referred to as event driven or trigger based. Both refer to the company doing the advertising being able to react directly to what the potential customer does after reading it.

A company responds to any question or order request from a potential customer. You want to keep him or her on your site long enough to make a purchase. That increases the chance of making a sale.

Interactive marketing can be used by both business to business and business to consumer ads. The profit the advertiser is hoping to gain per transaction may be minimal or high. Thus, it can be a useful tool for all businesses to use.

Amazon shows us one example of this tactic. They use the past behavior of a visitor. After collecting data on the books customers have purchased, they send out follow up emails. New books are offered to those most likely to buy them.

Amazon makes use of it with past customers. They save data on purchasing habits. When new books are published, they send out emails describing them. It is effective in increasing new orders.

This allows emails to go to those who purchase new books. It is easy to get them to browse a website offering books. Sending emails to off-road racing aficionados is less likely to result in attracting them to a website selling books.

There are a few drawbacks to using these tactics. The sales campaign has to be run by someone who is good at planning and carrying it out. They use information in databanks to target the right customers. If the product offered is not appropriate they may not open the email. It can be annoying to receive too many unwanted emails.

What happens when people are flooded with ads is they stop reading any of them. It can feel as if an advertiser is stalking them. Often, the woman who just purchased a new purse gets emails advertising ten or twenty others. She may not want or need a dozen purses.

This marketing tool brings good return on investment. They maintain data banks that help them decide who to send emails to. They benefit by selecting only those who showed interest in what they sell when they ordered the first time.

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