For Best Air Ambulance Edmonton Is The Way To Go

Air ambulance service is a comprehensive term that covers the employment of air transportation to move patient from accident scenes or health care facilities. The idea behind this kind of service is to deliver medical care in a mobile environment. The kind of airplane used vary and may include helicopters or fixed-wind airplanes, and in some cases land transport. When in need of the best services of air ambulance Edmonton Alberta is the most advisable place to visit.

The aircrafts utilized usually contain drugs, medications, specialized medical equipment, and medical personnel. Patients get comprehensive, emergency medical services prior to getting to a medical facility. Besides that, the team also rescues and attends to accident victims by offering them medical attention before they are moved by air to medical facilities.

Fixed-wing aircrafts have designs that allow them to move faster over longer distances, which render them suitable for operations that involve such distances. Victim evacuation from accident scenes and inter-facility transfers are best performed by rotor-wing airplanes like helicopters. Among medical appliances found in the planes are monitoring units, EGG, ventilators, flight stretchers, and CPR equipment. Patients are treated while in flight.

However, not all aircrafts are equipped with medical equipment or staff. Some are simply available for transporting patients from one location to another without being offered any kind of medical attention. In accident scenes, it is the ground team that determines the kind of aircraft a patient needs to be transported in.

The length of the history of air ambulance is almost same as that of powered flight itself. It has roots in the military, and was employed frequently in World War One. The Siege of Paris in 1870 saw many French soldiers moved back to France using hot-air balloons. Korean and Vietnam wars increased the scale of usage.

The usage of air medical services originated in remote areas of the world as opposed to developed world. The practice began in remote regions including Northern Canada, Australian outback, Scandinavia, and Africa. Later, by 1970s, the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and other developed regions of the world were employing it heavily. It has been modified and made more sophisticated and efficient over time.

The use of aircraft to transport patients is particularly useful in certain situations than others. One good example is when a patient needs to be transported over a distance of more than 250 miles and they need medical care during the journey. Elderly people who cannot travel commercially because of the stress and security issues in commercial airports are also better served by this service. Inter-facility transfers are also being accomplished using air transport these days.

It costs expensively to receive this service. Several factors come to play in influencing the cost of the service. Major factors include distance travelled, patient condition, and aircraft type. Obviously, it costs more to move a patient that is critically ill over a long distance than it would over a shorter distance.

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