Iphone 6S Is The Latest Trend

Apple is one of the renowned businesses in the technological international. It has always focussed to amaze human beings with their products on every occasion; they release a brand new product. They recently brought a brand new segment to their iPhone series once they introduced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus to the market.

This amazing gadget has a lot of distinctive features that you might have not seen in any other phones that are available in the market. Apple has tried to revolutionize many things in this phone as if it serves as the conclusion of to their iPhone series. With the inclusion of the exceptional features in the phone it is likely to have higher price compared to the other phones that are available in the market. Well what most people concern for is how much they will need to pay if they want to buy the IPhone 6s and the IPhone 6s Plus.

The first thing that you should know about is its look, there are not much changes made in the design of the IPhone it is all around similar to their predecessors. Except the fact, that the phone also has a variant of rose gold finishing along with the traditional silver, space grey and gold variant. Also the material used in the preparation of the casing is stronger than the previous IPhone as the 7000 series of aluminium alloy is used. This makes the phone stronger than its previous versions.

It is available with a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch displays, both the iPhones are found to have the same exterior design just as their predecessors. The difference is in the hardware which is way higher in the current generation IPhone. It has an increase camera capability and also improved processor. The touchscreen and the vibration engine technologies have also been updated and even the construction material is made stronger.

With the release of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus the apple corporation attempted to exchange the angle of an individual concerning the S-series. People take into consideration that the S-series of the iPhones have been more or less similar to their easy variations. But they made sure to have an effect with the new and modern day launch by means of having the slogan as “The only thing that has been modified is the whole thing”. With this they made it clear that the new iPhone have the whole lot more than the preceding ones.

The Videos recorded from this phone can be of 4K which is four times the 1080 pixels; this is another important feature of the phone. They have also introduced the Live Photo feature which enables the camera to capture moments before and after the click and play it in a sequence, it presents the memories in a new way to the users.

These are just some of the features that you can enjoy once you have your own IPhone 6s. The features are the reason the phone is considered to be one of the best Smart Phone in the technological world today.

The US pricing for the IPhone 6s starts at 199$ and IPhone 6s Plus at 299$ with a two year contract, the 64GB and the 128GB models are priced at 299$ and 399$ respectively. If you please to buy the IPhone without contract then it can be availed at starting 649$ whereas the IPhone 6s plus is a little higher compared to the IPhone 6s its starting price is from 749$ at the Apple retail store.

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