Skid Steer Loaders For Many Functions

Farmers, builders and construction workers are familiar with this versatile excavator machine. It is known as a skid steer and to the uninformed it might look like a small tractor. Usually this is a four wheel machine with wheels locked mechanically on the left side and on the right side. The wheels on the left side of the vehicle are driven independently from those on the right side. The vehicle actually moves with a skidding motion. The wheels are held in straight alignment with the body, unlike most vehicles where the wheels turn on an angle.

This is so unlike other wheeled machines that it is difficult to picture the movement of one side of wheels being operated at a different speed than the other side. In 1957 the machine was invented to help a farmer move loads of turkey manure. From this less than auspicious beginning it was further developed with a covered cab for safety and attachments for versatility. The vehicle is fully functional on terrains where the wheels of other machines would only spin and get further stuck.

To be able to withstand this type of movement, the machine is built with a very rigid frame and exceptionally strong wheel bearings. It has the ability to be maneuvered in small, semi enclosed spaces. It is difficult to imagine, but the vehicle can turn in a pirouetting fashion with a zero radius turn. To really appreciate how the vehicle moves, you can watch some YouTube videos. A picture will be worth a thousand words.

These compact excavators are pretty amazing. They work especially well in areas with very little overhead. One example is to dig a basement under an existing house. A larger machine without this maneuverability of this little excavator could not do the job. Bigger is not always better.

All manner of attachments are available to create its almost unlimited versatility. If you want to clear a road of snow, this is the machine. For raking, moving earth, mowing and moving pallets of goods, this loader can do it all. A new attachment virtually makes a new machine.

Caterpillar, Bobcat and John Deere are just a few of the well known companies that manufacture these machines. They are available in many sizes with a price range of less than twenty thousand up to over sixty thousand dollars. The attachments are purchased separately and cost anywhere from three thousand to fifteen thousand dollars. If the price is too much, used machines are also available.

The mower attachment works great when a lot of acreage needs to be cut. With the correct attachment, it can be turned into a cement mixer. When heavy drilling is required, an auger attachment can easily do the job. Living in a rural community, you may need to grade some earth and spread some gravel to create a driveway. The machines are excellent for moving some earth and creating different levels in landscaping jobs.

The loaders are also available with tracks, in which case they are called a multi terrain loader. Otherwise they still have the mechanically locked left and right sides and the same rigid frame. If you only need the loader on rare occasions, they are also available for rent. They are great machines that serve multiple purposes. Learning how to operate one of these loaders is another story.

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