Things To Know About Female Bodyguards

A lot of people believe that women are too weak to do a job intended for men. In fact, in the past, women are only left at home doing household chores, taking care of kids, and doing jobs intended for jobs. However, the world has changed a lot. Women work for several years very efficiently for security firms and agencies. Lady guards are gaining its popularity for many reasons.

The need for lady guards is soaring high day by day. In fact, lady bodyguards Malibu add features and become valuable to the overall security industry. There are certain reasons why female bodyguards are most preferred compared to men. Nowadays, more companies opt to employ females over males as a close protection officer.

Basically, there is a solid reason why ladies are preferable than men. Female clients feel more secure around fellow ladies. Companies are also rest assured that women have undergone intensive training like men do, but there are a few adjustments. These days, female will be able to train efficiently and has the ability to listen to commands, can settle any kind of conflicts and the ability to make negotiations.

Royalty and female celebrities are usually willing to hire a female guard. Celebrities usually want to feel as comfortable and normal. The main goal here is to blend a little attention to the client which can be done when hiring a lady guard compared to males. It is fair enough to say that though there have been so many challenges with lady guards over the past years, the time has definitely changed and the way they are portrayed.

Actually, there are several benefits when hiring lady guards and one the reasons is that female ones cannot be identified easily and their presence around their client is not so obvious than having a physically fit male guard. These days, women are well trained in different areas in security protection and defense.

Criminals would never suspect a sexy or a well dressed woman behind a celebrity. Most of them will not realize that a woman escorting a celebrity is trained in martial arts and has the ability to use various weapons such as guns, knives, and even bombs. Thus, criminals would think that she is only a friend or a sibling of the VIP and not a bodyguard.

Most clients believe that female security services tend to have a degree that males lack. There are also people who may not agree that ladies offering such services are better at negotiations and able to pay more attention to details that might be ignored by males. They will be able to transport clients with great protection transport abilities.

The increasing number of billionaires across the world is the main reason why personal services are in demand today. Close protection services given by women are more valued because of their elegance, precision, and stealthy presence that are particularly in demand these days.

Women are also less intimidating. This, no matter what happens, the VIP is rest assured that she is safe and secured with the presence of her protection officer. It is also true that it will not provoke any aggression. Less aggression leads to fewer law suits.

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