What You Can And Cannot Do In Drapery Cleaning

Curtains and draperies are attractive and it adds style and a welcoming mood in the house, especially in the living room. This however, does not stop dust to accumulate, as is the same with furniture. With that said, allergens build up, as well as other pollutants that may be harmful. With time, the color and texture of draperies also fades if these are not washed and cleaned.

As attractive as draperies are, you can only longingly look at it when they become old. You keep wishing it was good as new. This is when you start thinking that you need some cleaning done. So much like the drapery cleaning Union County NJ.

People in the homes of Union County, New Jersey wants to take care of their drapes like you do. The difference lies in how you are cleaning the drapes. Doing that increases their life in your home. It makes our need for constant new drapes, lesser. By doing so, you are able to save money.

Drapery cleaning help your home to be free of harmful pollutants and allergens. Especially if you have kids. You can start easy in cleaning them. First you can use a hand held vacuum. Move it up and down gently around the fabric. This will remove some dust that had built up.

Do not clean the draperies by washing them if the drape is already damaged by sunlight. Same goes for when the drapes already faded or if they are labeled for dry cleaning only. Dry cleaners may be a costly route but so much safer.

Some of them also comes with embellishments like metals, buttons and other little stuff as accessories on the cloth. Watch out for them. Check for telling signs, like fabric dye or color fastness because when you wash them, color may easily fade. You also want to avoid the drapery from shrinking. Do not force or overload your machine if it is safe for machine wash.

When already damaged by sunlight anyway, do not proceed washing them. Do the same if you find out they are already faded or if they are not specifically for hand or machine wash. Some fabrics are meant for the dry cleaners only.

Even though you may be sure the drapes are not labeled for professional cleaning only, still test it. You do it by mixing warm water and detergent. Pick a hidden corner on the fabric and dip it. Check for glaring changes like shrinking or fading of color. That is when you will be sure it is best for dry cleaning.

Drapes tend to be a favorite part of your house because they are pleasing to the eye. Sometimes, children even play hide and seek with the drapes. It is not always easy to keep them in good shape. It is not easy to keep them clean and comfortable for your windows.

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