Window Cleaning The Way You Want It Best

Some days people just want to relax and feel the comfort that homes provide, like no other. How good that must feel to many busybodies. How better it will be, if the the parts of the house you usually would be at, most of the time, is clean enough for comfort, especially the windows. They are one of the first things that people notice when they enter a house.

From do it yourself solutions to the old newspaper trick, there are various ways to do it. Bring the sparkle back to your window panes by window cleaning as soon as you get the chance. They may appear to be clean most of the time, but when a ray of sun hits them, you see the real thing.

Do not clean them when the sun is hitting it directly. This will make the windows dry quickly and then you will have unwanted streaks that are even harder to take off. It would prove to be too much trouble for an otherwise easy task. It would be better when you do your cleaning on a cloudy day.

Start by washing them with a sponge. The fewer the suds, the better it will be. Water always does the trick. It is a basic necessity for cleaning, and with soap, the stains on your window will be easier to deal with. Just fill a bucket or a large pot and add enough dish washing liquid drops.

Try to remove any applied sticky substance on them. May it be stickers the kids had put on, or applied decals you used for scaring birds away, removing them can be a hard task. You need a bottle filled with water along with a plastic scraper with a good enough edge. Spray them and wait for two minutes. Then apply gentle pressure in using the scraper.

Always wipe the excess water using a squeegee. Again, start at the top and work your way down, making a somewhat reverse Z or S pattern. After which, you need to wipe the blade of the tool clean with any rag or piece of cloth to avoid transferring dirt around. It helps if you practice using the squeegee when you get around to buying it.

You may also try the water and vinegar solution and spray it on the window thoroughly for better results. Spray and then dry it again when you see any remains of dirt or streak. Remove the remaining water from the glass material and dry where it may have dripped down.

If you want a good finish, go ahead and dry the glass with the crumpled newspaper. The ink on it adds for a good sparkle on the panes. Some windows get dirty unusually very fast. This could be because modern airtight homes have the ability to trap dust and other unwanted elements that are hard to get rid of.

It would be safe to say that this task is generally something that most people hate because of all the dirt involved. Plus the dripping water and streaks that can prove to be so annoying. T You can just go for the steps that you find easier to work with. After all, those are your windows. You would know how best to maintain it, and let the sunshine in.

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