Which Are The Most Popular Destinations Preferred By Digital Nomads?

If you are a digital nomad, you probably are unsure what destination could be perfect to live in. There are some places that provide with ideal conditions for people like you who earn their income on the Internet. They also offer a stable Internet connection along with inexpensive prices for living. Let us take a look at some of the most popular places where digital nomads can live and work safely.

The German capital city, Berlin, is one of the most attractive places where digital nomads prefer to live in. They consider this city to be a paradise for them, as here they can find all they need – great internet connection, cheap and delicious food, great weather, etc. Berlin is also the cheapest capital in the region.

Among the other great places where digital nomads can live is Colombia and specifically Medellin. Now, the city is safe enough and is called a “city of eternal spring”. The city is located between the mountains on the equator, so the weather is constant throughout the year. Everything is cheap here – from food and clothes, to transportation and entertainments.

Hundreds of other digital nomads choose Thailand as the perfect place for living. The capital city of Bangkok is excellent destination due to the fantastic beaches it offers, along with the cheap food and accommodation. Although the weather might be too hot for some people, others find this place to be great for them to live and work here.

Shainghai in China is another place where some digital nomads choose to live, especially those who love nightlife. They often attend the bars and night clubs available everywhere and meet new friends in this multinational city. The city is safe and local people are very friendly to all the foreigners, while all the prices are cheap.

Barcelona is a fantastic beautiful city located in Spain that can be a perfect destination for digital nomads. Although rumors say that the city is too expensive due to the endless number of tourists who come here; the truth is that the prices are very affordable. There are many wi-fi spots that will allow you to make use of wi-fi connection for free and work outdoors.

Antalya, a famous Turkish resort located on the Mediterranean coast, is undoubtedly another place where many digital nomads would like to go. Due to the numerous playgrounds and entertainments, the place is just perfect for families with kids. You can enjoy sunshine days and beaches for whole 300 days a year, while rains fall during the winter mounts. This resort offers reliable and stable internet speed that will allow digital nomads to work during all their stay here. The food is very delicious and is offered at affordable prices as well.

Malta is also a destination that digital nomads should not ignore, as it has a lot to offer them. There are many wi-fi spots that allow entrepreneurs to work on their laptop even when they are outdoors. In addition, the weather here is perfect too, providing almost constant temperature throughout the year. The prices for home rental, food and other facilities are really affordable and the place is known to be among the safest in the world.

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